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PAAVO is the Finnish word for the first name of the famous Finnish runner, Paavo Nurmi.  His attributes have become ours.  The PAAVO PROCESS has grown out of our experiences through distance running.

The INDIVIDUAL WORK ETHIC toward a definite & desired goal is the basis of the philosophy.

Nurmi had distinctive characteristics which led to PAAVO METHODS.  He was an Olympic Champion through hard work, including doing things others did not or would not do.  He ran hard every day.  He ran alone.  He timed & measured every run & every race; all designed to be his very best in that one competitive moment.

The PAAVO SPIRIT is a competitive desire for results.  It is a work ethic.  It is intensity.  The basics are the same in running, the classroom, the office, & all of the Real World.  The PROCESS is about doing continual, consistent, & higher levels of completed work.

It is finding a way with what we have, in the time we have… to become better.  It is THAT SIMPLE.”

— Marshall Sellers, Founder & Director, 43 years of Paavo Running Camps & Seminars





1971 – First North Camp




1973 – First West Camp